Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spaghetti ass

 I got up at 9:30 today, which to me felt like 3:30 in the morning. I got my hair washed, cut, and styled by a pleasantly plump hair stylist who I thought was really funny and pretty.

However, I learned a few life-changing facts today: 1) Italians discriminate against "fat" people when it comes to dating 2) eating spaghetti or any pasta for dinner is taboo and 3) Herculaneum Scavi close early in November (fun fact: sun down is at approximately 5pm here).

So, I came to know the first life changing fact at the salon when I thought I smelled lemon pledge cleaning supplies but it was actually a concoction the hair dresser was preparing for her breakfast. She said to Jenn (in Italian of course) that she was on a "Spanish diet" that I don't know much about except that it requires her to eat basically limonada for breakfast today and al dente pasta for breakfast tomorrow.

What strikes me is that people diet and exercise all the time here, not to improve themselves but to impress others.. Apparently "the food is all natural, so how is it that you get fat?" People are obsessed with diet and exercise more than Americans, that's for sure.

But maybe we as Americans should care more about what we eat and how we exercise. Or maybe the "fat" lady should come to America where we do my second life-changing fact all the time: pasta at dinner time which here is taboo! No one, and I mean NO ONE, EATS PASTA FOR DINNER. The reason being: it makes you fat. Think about it, all those carbs in your body right at the time when you are about to relax before bed (and not exercise) makes you fat which is something I guess must be avoided and prevented at all costs if you ever want a chance at marriage.

Anyway, I'm writing this while in traffic with Antonio and Jennifer as we travel en route to Napoli because the Scavi were closed for touring. Scavi, or what Americans would call the ruins are what remains of the city of Herculaneum but the last tour went out at 15:30 an we arrived at 16:30. I don't mind of course. Lol I slept on the way to the Scavi.

I forgot to mention how emotional I got after meeting Giustino's nonni (grandparents) today. All I'm gonna say, if Giustino is reading this, that they miss their nipote (grandson) sooo much.

Now, I am sitting by the fire with the family and just wanted to post this and hang out with them after another long day in Naples.

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