Friday, December 19, 2014

Escape from Vesuvio0o

Hey everyone! Today Jenn, Antonio, and I climbed Vulcano Vesuvio aka Vesuvius aka the volcano that inspired my favorite ride at Bush Gardens: Escape from Pompeii. I realized I'm out of shape, endurance-wise and need to exercise more often because even though we drove a road that wraps around the mountain more than halfway up to the top where the hike starts..I was still out of breath within the first few minutes of hiking.

The inside of the volcano was not what I predicted; at first, I thought the inside of the volcano would have looked fiery and molten with lava; telling Jennifer this, she quickly informed me that if there were lava within the crater...we'd be dead.

The view of Naples from the top was so beautiful and it's hard to believe how many people fit into this quaint area! I saw the orange and pink tramonto (sunset) in the Eastern part of the view, near the island of Capris, and watched it slowly engulf the rest of the town.

For a late lunch, we ate spaghetti with clams and oysters with fresh basil and tomatoes in it. Antonio ordered  the food for me and for the second course I had like a fried seafood platter that consisted of squid, a fish (eyes, tail, and all), and a shrimp (with the head still on ). I usually don't like to eat food that has eyes to look at me with, but I still ate and enjoyed it, despite looking like a fool because I refused to crunch on the shrimp's carcass with the shell still on. I was really embarrassed for not being able to maintain pace and I get full so fast and it looks like I don't eat but I guess that's what the poverty diet does to you when you only eat a sandwich or a cup of soup for lucnh everyday for months at a time at Misericordia..

In Pompeii, I people watched and tried to learn different ways to tell people to gtfo..thanks to Jenn who really has made me feel welcome. I love spending time with her and Antonio and starting tomorrow Joyce is off of work so we will have good quality time together.

It's sad though cuz no matter how hard I try, I'm never going to master an Italian accent which is why I so badly wish they taught Italian in high school or earlier :/

Long story short: I am soooo thankful to have Neopolitan speakers  to help me order food and drive me around because I'd be lost or dead by now if it weren't for them <3

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