Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Year's "Resolutions"

Be less lazy
Dress nice
Stress less
Smell nice
Grow your hair
Cut it off
Worry less about what people think
Be kind
Go to church
Sing & speak loudly

Laugh a lot

Friday, December 19, 2014

Escape from Vesuvio0o

Hey everyone! Today Jenn, Antonio, and I climbed Vulcano Vesuvio aka Vesuvius aka the volcano that inspired my favorite ride at Bush Gardens: Escape from Pompeii. I realized I'm out of shape, endurance-wise and need to exercise more often because even though we drove a road that wraps around the mountain more than halfway up to the top where the hike starts..I was still out of breath within the first few minutes of hiking.

The inside of the volcano was not what I predicted; at first, I thought the inside of the volcano would have looked fiery and molten with lava; telling Jennifer this, she quickly informed me that if there were lava within the crater...we'd be dead.

The view of Naples from the top was so beautiful and it's hard to believe how many people fit into this quaint area! I saw the orange and pink tramonto (sunset) in the Eastern part of the view, near the island of Capris, and watched it slowly engulf the rest of the town.

For a late lunch, we ate spaghetti with clams and oysters with fresh basil and tomatoes in it. Antonio ordered  the food for me and for the second course I had like a fried seafood platter that consisted of squid, a fish (eyes, tail, and all), and a shrimp (with the head still on ). I usually don't like to eat food that has eyes to look at me with, but I still ate and enjoyed it, despite looking like a fool because I refused to crunch on the shrimp's carcass with the shell still on. I was really embarrassed for not being able to maintain pace and I get full so fast and it looks like I don't eat but I guess that's what the poverty diet does to you when you only eat a sandwich or a cup of soup for lucnh everyday for months at a time at Misericordia..

In Pompeii, I people watched and tried to learn different ways to tell people to gtfo..thanks to Jenn who really has made me feel welcome. I love spending time with her and Antonio and starting tomorrow Joyce is off of work so we will have good quality time together.

It's sad though cuz no matter how hard I try, I'm never going to master an Italian accent which is why I so badly wish they taught Italian in high school or earlier :/

Long story short: I am soooo thankful to have Neopolitan speakers  to help me order food and drive me around because I'd be lost or dead by now if it weren't for them <3

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spaghetti ass

 I got up at 9:30 today, which to me felt like 3:30 in the morning. I got my hair washed, cut, and styled by a pleasantly plump hair stylist who I thought was really funny and pretty.

However, I learned a few life-changing facts today: 1) Italians discriminate against "fat" people when it comes to dating 2) eating spaghetti or any pasta for dinner is taboo and 3) Herculaneum Scavi close early in November (fun fact: sun down is at approximately 5pm here).

So, I came to know the first life changing fact at the salon when I thought I smelled lemon pledge cleaning supplies but it was actually a concoction the hair dresser was preparing for her breakfast. She said to Jenn (in Italian of course) that she was on a "Spanish diet" that I don't know much about except that it requires her to eat basically limonada for breakfast today and al dente pasta for breakfast tomorrow.

What strikes me is that people diet and exercise all the time here, not to improve themselves but to impress others.. Apparently "the food is all natural, so how is it that you get fat?" People are obsessed with diet and exercise more than Americans, that's for sure.

But maybe we as Americans should care more about what we eat and how we exercise. Or maybe the "fat" lady should come to America where we do my second life-changing fact all the time: pasta at dinner time which here is taboo! No one, and I mean NO ONE, EATS PASTA FOR DINNER. The reason being: it makes you fat. Think about it, all those carbs in your body right at the time when you are about to relax before bed (and not exercise) makes you fat which is something I guess must be avoided and prevented at all costs if you ever want a chance at marriage.

Anyway, I'm writing this while in traffic with Antonio and Jennifer as we travel en route to Napoli because the Scavi were closed for touring. Scavi, or what Americans would call the ruins are what remains of the city of Herculaneum but the last tour went out at 15:30 an we arrived at 16:30. I don't mind of course. Lol I slept on the way to the Scavi.

I forgot to mention how emotional I got after meeting Giustino's nonni (grandparents) today. All I'm gonna say, if Giustino is reading this, that they miss their nipote (grandson) sooo much.

Now, I am sitting by the fire with the family and just wanted to post this and hang out with them after another long day in Naples.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hey everyone! It is 7:48 at night at my home away from home. I experienced a whole day in Naples with only a few hours of sleep after traveling over 7500 miles by air. I managed to catch both flights on time! It was lonely on the plane, but once I touched down And met Antonio and Jennifer, I instantly felt welcome. They took me to see the ancient catacombs of Naples and the church with La Pieta in it!  I loved the shopping mall, but I wish I could have learned the Italian language in high school or something. I'd be totally lost if it weren't for Justin's welcoming and generous family: Antonio, Joyce, and Jenn. Thanks for having me! Buono Natale to my family in the states!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pre-Italia Thoughts

Feeling: excited! Listening to: Taylor Swift "Out of the Woods"
 Today is the day I will be traveling to Italy! My mom and her friend Bonnie are driving me to the airport...we are less than an hour away. I will be staying with my boyfriend's lovely and generous family for a whole week! I'll see Rome and try to fit in despite my blonde hair that's a dead give away. I plan to document each day on this blog so stay tuned for pictures of my international adventures :) thanks for looking!